What makes SCP different?

  • We are a female led, female driven community. 
  • We teach the importance of mindset and self-care work and infuse it into our business trainings.
  • We are not afraid to be raw, real and vulnerable, this is an authentic community and we often discuss real life topics like motherhood and the odd breakdown.
  • We don't teach just one model or way of doing things, we help guide you to a profitable fulfilling business inspired by what works for YOU, your values, goals and priorities.
  • We offer 1:1 mindset and business coaching

What members are saying...

"I absolutely love that Cait and Nicole pour their heart and soul into this group. They are always so helpful, uplifting, and encouraging. You can definitely tell they have created this community for the right reasons!"

-Kellie Golden 

"I joined a million groups to help me get over some of my insecurities and to learn more about becoming a better and more efficient business owner and photographer. I found this group and immediately fell in love. This group is so supportive and kind. Cait and Nicole really care and answer the questions you have." 

- Erin Scott 

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