1:1 Transformational Business Coaching

Let us help you transform your business and self-confidence from within...

What's the difference between business coaching, and transformational business coaching you ask?

Our coaching time together is about witnessing you in your way of BEING while we guide you in building your business to the next level.

We're not about telling you how to do "all the things" and then leaving you to fend for yourself.

Working 1:1 with us means that any fears, blocks, self-doubt and past traumas that may show up while we guide you to take certain steps in your business are then brought to the surface, healed and eventually transformed with our support.

This is not just about doing the "things", even though you will have access to our entire vault of workbooks and video trainings, it's about confronting why you seem to have taken all the courses, heard about all the things you "should" be doing next, yet you don't ever get to them.

You just don't feel ready.

We work with people who have inner blocks that are preventing them from showing up as their best selves in business, causing them to push to the point of exhaustion often and who are tired of their inner voice telling them it won't work.

Can you relate?

  • I compare myself to others and feel like I’m not worth the prices I need to truly build the business I want.
  • I feel frazzled and drained when it comes to being consistent and organized.
  • I feel lost when it comes to creating a solid brand that attracts the clients I want and need.
  • I am overwhelmed with creating both my pricing and my ideal client avatar.
  • I live in feast or famine and crave consistency in my income stream but hide when it comes to talking money or numbers.
  • I don’t know what I have to offer other of value than my photos.
  • I would rather not talk on the phone during inquiries and am not excited by the idea of in person sales meetings.
  • I know that having coaches who truly care about me, will help me TRANSFORM from deep within myself and will inspired me to commit to becoming the confident business owner and woman I know I can be.

So what's next? Simple

Book your complimentary discovery call below!

Nicole O'Neil of Nicole O'Neil Photography

Business Plan Creator, Cost of Doing Business/Pricing Expert & Business Models/In Person Sales Specialist

Cait Lemieux of Cait Lemieux Photography

Self-Expression Coach, Marketing & Content Creation Specialist & Authentic Branding Creator

Having two coaches in your corner with different areas of expertise means you get to benefit from both our strengths and will have over 17 years of combined industry experience in your corner as well as extensive experience in energy healing and mindset coaching.

We will create a weekly action plan for your specific needs with added accountability and support which ensures you make BIG changes in your business & you meet your goals faster.

We are looking for women who are ready to transform and work through :

Money Blocks

Self Expression Blocks

Self-Worth Blocks

Our Coaching Program Includes:

Initial 20 Minute Discovery Call with both Cait and Nicole to establish if we're the right fit and map out goals. 

8 week program personalized to your needs

Weekly 1 hour Video Coaching calls

Call Recording and Supporting notes

Full Access to the the SCP Vault ($495 value)

Website and Social Media Audits

Personalized Recorded Guided Meditations

Email or messenger access to Cait & Nicole between calls.

$1997 USD

* payment plans are available

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with the soonest availability for 1:1 coaching and to book your 20 minute complimentary discovery call to find out exactly how we can help. 

What are others saying?

I am so happy I found Nicole and Cait! They have changed my business and saved my sanity! I had been in business 2 years and I knew my pricing was too low and I knew I wasn’t being efficient with my time, but fear kept holding me back from making the changes that I knew I had to make. My 1:1 with Nicole helped my mindset and helped me release the blocks that I had. Nicole helped me come face to face with my business finances and feel comfortable charging what I need to live the life I want! And now that I am working with Cait things are clicking for me in a way I never thought could happen. I am not exaggerating when I say that this experience has been life-changing for me! I am so excited to see where this experience takes me and my business! Thank you so much Nicole and Cait!

-Lindsay N.

Cait & Nicole are so incredibly intuitive. It’s like I was finally being heard, when I expressed what my goals were and that I wasn’t sure how exactly to get there. Cait was able to help me devise a plan with all the steps I needed to get going. She then took the time to create a step by step plan and emailed it to me so that way I’d be good to go. It has been so helpful, and they offer such a valuable resources. I knew how to deliver beautiful images to my clients. But I really needed help with how to be a photography business owner, and make it lasting business.

-Ashley Nicole

Working with Nicole has been amazing! I was in a spot in where I needed to make some big changes in my business, but I was feeling so lost and overwhelmed with exactly what I wanted to do. With Nicole’s guidance I was able to make changes I never would have had the confidence or courage to do on my own. She is so knowledgeable and helped me to create a concrete plan and direction for my business. I am so thankful to have worked with Nicole and can’t wait to see the results of these changes!

-Megan Bochette

Questions? Contact us, we're happy to help