Why was SCP created?

To encourage collaboration, accountability and friendship over competition and bring light to the fact that running a successful photography business is not just about the to dos and big sales. There's a lot of inner work and growth that goes along with it

To share all we’ve learned over 17+ years of trial and error that have led to major breakthroughs that we now love to teach about.

To guide YOU in your transformation in creating a sustainable, profitable and fullfilling photography business and to help you develop a self-confident and self-aware way of being.

Plus...We're here to help you stop the viscious cycle of burnout and self-doubt.a

We are ready to share our hearts,

souls and knowledge with you.

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"I love The Simply Confident Photographer community. Nicole and Cait are quick to offer their suggestions and support on all of our business and photography questions, and provide useful resources to help make the most of your time and talents." 

-Britt Petrosik of Capture Sweet Moments Photography

Meet the ladies behind SCP...

Hey I'm Cait!  

I'm passionate about teaching myself new things and then empowering other photographers and mothers in turn by sharing what I've experienced. I do this through real life in-person events and through social media and live to nurture these authentic connections I create. 

My work over the past 8 years has been building up my photography business from ground ZERO (when I decided on my maternity leave that I was not returning to work) to surpassing my previous corporate salary.  

Living my dream as an entrepreneur has allowed me the time freedom to be a present and active mum for my two kiddos and most importantly for me to be my creative SELF.  

Check out my work at : www.caitlemieuxphotography.com 

Hey there! I'm Nicole  

If you asked me what my passions are, I'd say they are creating emotional and authentic moments for clients and making those authentic connections with other photographers and helping others realize their dreams.  

We all start somewhere and I spent many years making ALL of the mistakes in business. As someone who went from an average of $500 per client to $2500 per client and made a huge and sudden jump. I worked hard to get to the point I am now. I want to help others so it doesn't take them years to find their success and build that dream business that brings them joy AND an income that helps them grow and enjoy life. I travel to my home away from home in Italy each year, enjoy the time freedom to spend a lot of time with loved ones and my dear nephew. I am literally living my dreams. 

Check out my work at www.NicoleOneilPhotography.com

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